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Typical Pizzazzie

27 Mar

So a few months ago, yes months, I changed purses and in the process lost a whole slew of lipsticks.  My favorites to be exact because why would I carry my non-favorite lipsticks in my purse to always be on call for a quick slathering pre-lunch date with the husband?  Really, I only changed back and forth between two purses and it seemed each time I lost more lipstick in the exchange.  I have to admit, I thought someone maybe got sticky fingers with my SPF 15 MENTHA lip balm stick made of 100% natural mint because it tastes as good as it feels.  I’m not sure who it could have been because I would have noticed the minty freshness and plump smooth lipshine from 100 yards away.  Not to mention, if my daughter had decided to test out some grown-up lipstick to go with her Hannah Montana clumpy 3-year-old eyeshadow I would have kinda figured it out.  Plus she knows she could just ask me.  Nobody else in the house openly wears lipstick other than me so I was just at a total loss where these lipsticks could have gone.  And with my lipstick gone, nobody would be able to tell the difference between me and a bulldog. 

So fast forward a few months from the last purse exchange.  The MIL sent me a cool tapestry bag and I figured I’d give it a shot.  It has no compartments, it’s just one giant bag, so I dug around and found a few small cosmetic bags to separate my goodies and filled up my wallet with the myriad of store point cards.  I’m sure you want all of this described in great detail.  Let me just skip to the good part.

Long story short, the bag my stuff was in has a few zippered compartments so in order to be efficient I unzipped all of the compartments, flipped the bag upside down and shook vigorously. Kinda like how this girl I used to know paid her way through college.  We weren’t friends but she did sit near me in college algebra.  Neither of us did well in that class.  Anyway, after the entire surface of my queen bed was covered with tissues, loose change, keys, un-sharpened pencils, various colored pens, a packet of ginger drink mix….I assumed the bag was empty.   I turned the bag over and heard the clink of a few coins.  I ran my hand to the bottom of the bag feeling this way and that and what I found was there was a mysterious compartment that a few of my things had snuck themselves into.  I felt around trying to figure out how those items were still inside the bag but not where I could grab them and pull them out.  I did this for about 15 minutes then I finally realized, one of the zippered compartments had a hole in the pocket and all of my lost lipsticks were found again. 

I had been looking all over for these lipsticks and they were right there beside the bed in my turquoise Genna De Rossi bag just waiting to be discovered.  My lips are so excited.