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A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy? Albert Einstein

5 Jul

How about a woman who can build you a table Albert? 

It has been years since my last woodworking project.  So long in fact that I had to increase the circumference of my tool belt by several notches.  So long that I cannot remember the last project I made with lumber.  I do remember one or two of the projects along the way but that was because they were so horrible and ended up being a disaster in dumbness, though my adirondack chairs weren’t so bad.

I think at one point during a long ago forgotten project I gave up and put the saw down and hung up my tool belt.  I’m pretty sure that point was right after I tried to run a board over the router table and ended up the router didn’t want to play my way and slung a board across the garage.  Thank God I, that ONE time, had enough sense to back the car out of the garage first.  Previously I had been using the car as a workbench extension.  Bad idea all the way around. 

I am now much older and wider, judging from how much less of me my toolbelt covers and maybe just a teensy bit wiser.   I found this plan on Ana White’s blog. 

<a href="; rel="lightbox[266][Rustic Table

Download Original]”>Rustic Table

After reading her blog and seeing some of the attractive and utilitarian projects she made I was inspired to dig out the tools for one more try.  I changed up a few things but this is what I was able to accomplish over the 3-day weekend.


My mom’s kitchen table that she lovingly donated to me when I married and moved is barely big enough to fit the four of us at a table.  You can absolutely forget having family over for dinner.  The kids had to sit in the kitchen at their table and eat (which aint always a bad thing when grown-ups are trying to talk), then we set the food along the kitchen counters and the four adults squished in around a small round table in the dining room.  Well, no more my friends.  We actually have room for the family, the grandparents and a friend a piece (which is all we really have).  I’m pretty pleased with the results and this being my first building project since Blind Melon was a relatively new band, I think I might attack a few more projects for the home. 

If you enjoy woodworking or just need some inspiration check out Ana White’s page.  She has free plans and lots of links to others who do similar projects.  And if you think you’d like a mile long, rustic, farmhouse table built by a hot chick (at one time back in the 90’s) then let me know.  Maybe we can work something out.