How’s the weather?

26 Mar

It’s raining and the tv reception keeps going in and out so I can’t watch the weather channel to see if there are warnings in my area.  It’s maddening.  I’m looking at the weather radar but all I can hear of the weather dude is “severe……orms in the south…..stay tuned for……..ews…..over the northwest right now…..cover in a clos…….”  Seriously, I’m about to throw something straight through the tv.  I know it’s not the tv’s fault I’m too cheap to get a real antenna.  In the modern times when you can weigh out your cocaine with an ap on your iPhone, I’m trying to watch a flat screen tv with rabbit ears.  I don’t watch tv that much but when I do, I really like to experience it in all of it’s color and sound.  Especially if there’s a potential tornado warning issued.  Perhaps I should gather up the family and get in the closet now.  Oh crap and the cat is out there somewhere.  I’m afraid under the porch aint gonna cut it tonight kitty.

And my freshly purchased, fuel economical, NOT gold, vehicle is outside taking chances on the possible grapefuit sized hail.  Yes, you read that right, grapefruit sized hail.  Or it could have been the weather man was telling the metro area what he has as a snack when the weather center in Peachtree City called him up.   It’s hard to know with the tv cutting in out out.  Maddenly so as you may or may not have read earlier.  And I emphasize my car is NOT gold because despite what the dealership put on the title application, the car is clearly brown.  ish.  gray maybe?  Brownish gray?  Husband calls it dirt.  Which makes no bit of difference anyway because ealier this week it was yellow.  I’m hoping the swooshing rain and potentially grapefruit snack sized hail is washing that yellow off of my NOT gold car.

I’m also anticipating any moment now something is going to join me unexpectedly in my bedroom.  It could be a 10-year-old girl with one spongy curler on each side of her head or it could be the half dead tree in the backyard.  I hope the daughter is already asleep and totally unaware of the thunder and lighting so she can sleep and not even know what danger could be passing over us.  AND with that giantorous thunder clap that just made my heartburn pop to underneath my eyeballs, I’m sure she’s not asleep anymore.  

Ok, she woke up and I sent her downstairs to sleep on the couch then I ran downstairs to put my NOT gold car in the garage.  The husband is so sweet for cleaning out one side for me.  He has been re-arranging the garage for weeks now.  He likes to keep busy. Anyway, ran through the downpour, pulled the car in and now I’m about to go take some pics of stuff. yeah.  This post really didn’t go anywhere near where I wanted it to.  Maybe after a few more posts I’ll be back on the storytelling horse galloping at full speed towards that low hanging branch.  And my hands keep hitting the mouse pad on the laptop and I end up losing my cursor to other places in the post and making some pretty interesting words.


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