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Oreo Crochet Cap

30 Jan

So what’s been up with ol Pizzazzie lately?  I have been crocheting and knitting my little fingers to the bone.  I could never have imagined sitting in one place for hours on end, tying a ball of yarn in knots with a little metal hook could bring one woman so much peace but here I am all peaceful and stuff.   Since Christmas I knitted my husband and my dad each a scarf, I crocheted my daughter a cap with a flower and then crocheted a cap for my husband and son and then two more caps for sale on Etsy.  I know there are women who can knit and crochet circles around me and probably think this is a slim turnout considering we had a whole week off due to ice blanketing the south for several days.  I was pretty excited that I was able to get this much done and I have plenty of other things I want to work on.  There is no sign of stopping.  Yarnaholic?  Perhaps.  I’m not interested in an intervention.

I have also been working on my mad photography skills.  Maybe my photography needs to take anger management so they’re not so mad and maybe will eventually be good.  Really good.  So good they make people cry and pay exorbitant amounts of cash to have my photos hanging in their home.  Yeeaahh! 

Ok I’m awake now.  Anyway, check out my latest item listed here:  ETSY.  Just click that link right there.  The one that says ETSY.  Or search me on Etsy under seller Pizzazzie. 

Take care and stay warm!