Happy New Year already

31 Dec

I have been sick all month.  My birthday, office Christmas party, Christmas itself…sick, sick, sick.  I missed every Christmas party this year.  And I guess I learned my lesson because I’m not socially comfortable anyway and wasn’t really that excited about having to make witty conversation with people I don’t know and am not even sure I like but I kind of missed being out this year.  Usually during Christmas we get to do things we don’t normally get to do around here like, you know, leave the house, leave the house without the kids, leave the house in something nicer than jeans and flip-flops, leave the house and not come back for a few hours while out doing something fun and entertaining without having to save for months to be able to do so.  You see where I’m going here. 

I did manage to work on a few items.  I have been trying to make re-usable coffee sleeves but the design I had in mind just would not work.  Not for anything in the world.   So while I had some downtime to drink Nyquil and sleep in the same pajamas for days at a time I was able to think up a few ways my design might work.  I will save the details for later when I actually have a good piece to show for it.  That way if it goes seriously awry and doesn’t work and I end up sewing my shirt into the sewing machine while attempting some delicate sewing maneuver no one will ever know.   Well, my daughter will know because I’ll have to get her to cut me out of the machine then I’ll have to swear her to secrecy. 

While I’m here, let me leave you with a question.  First a back story, of course.  I knitted my dad a scarf for Christmas.  The first ever completely finished knitting project and I was pretty happy with it.  My dad liked it, or said he did to spare his full-grown adult daughter from bursting into tears in front of the whole family.  Now I’m knitting one for my husband and was thinking if I manage to pull off two nicely knitted scarves I could make a few and sell them in my Etsy shop.  Well, and this is where the question comes in, I found one EXACTLY like the one I knitted in someone else’s Etsy shop.  Same yarn, same knitting pattern, same length, etc.  I promise on my big toe I did not see it until today so there’s no way I could have copied her design.  And even if I wanted to copy her design, it’s not like there’s a patent on the garter stitch and the yarn we used.  However, for some reason I feel weird about it.  She is in an entirely different region and of course with any item you can think of you can walk into several different stores and find similar if not the same items in regular stores.  What do you think?  Go ahead and sell mine as well or move on to something else?  I mean, if there’s really nothing new under the sun then there would be plenty of overlap in the Etsy/sell your handmade items world right?


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