Did you waste money on a boring book?

6 Dec

Let me start off by saying basically the same thing everyone else who has made this wreath says…I am not a book hater. I think books are a great way of learning and even with the advances in technology I don’t think I can give up the feel of a real book supporting my face when I fall asleep and slobber the text off the pages. I’m afraid I might zap myself if I fell asleep on a Kindle and slobbered on it. Plus, you don’t have to recharge or find batteries for a regular, old-fashioned book. AND how else would libraries smell like rotting book glue if the whole world changed over to Kindles and E-Readers and all those great tech gadgets. But just in case the world does go completely tech and decides to get rid of the books I have one idea for a few of them. A book wreath.

I first stumbled upon the tutorial at Living With Lindsay and I really like how her’s turned out.  Then I found this post at NONSUCH BOOK with different variations.  What I ended up with was a few burnt fingers and a wreath that looked nothing like either site but I’m happy with it.  Very happy with it for two reasons; it looks pretty good and for a long time I felt bad for wasting money on such a horrible book but now that I found something positive to make of it I feel I actually put my money to good use.   I looked up the author and he has been on #1 on the New York Times bestselling author list.  I guess this particular book must have been an off period or maybe he was going through some difficulties in his home life.  I wont mention who he is but I doubt we’ll be having him over for dinner now that I have defiled 287 pages of his verson of a man’s struggle for survival as he delves into a world full of haunting memories to find out who is double-crossing him while he hunts down a high-ranking official that could possibly be responsible for a man’s murder 25 years ago.  Or something like that. 

I think total this is about $15.00 worth of supplies maybe.  The wreath I bought at Hobby Lobby last night for about $4.00, the book was from a Thrift Store for about $2.00, the glue and glue gun I’ve had a while and the coffee (which is really the most important part of this project) was about $6.99 for a large can of Chock Full o’ Nuts.


I pretty much followed the tutorial at Living with Lindsay aside from how I folded my pages.  I used brown paint on the edges of the pages like she did in her tut but I don’t think I put it on thick enough.  Anyway, it didn’t seem to make a big difference on my wreath.  Basically all you do is tear the sheets out of the book, roll the page and glue it to the wreath.  Oh, and try not to touch the tip of the hot glue gun to your fingers.  Yeah the hot glue on your fingers is bad but the tip of the glue gun is like surface of the sun hot.

Here’s another photo of it with the rest of my decor.  And I use the word decor lightly.  Very lightly.  I’m working on it ok?   I would also like to say that it was very difficult for me to destroy a book but now that I have the taste of blood I might tear up a few more.  Who knew crafting could bring out such a rebel.

3 Responses to “Did you waste money on a boring book?”

  1. ibumary December 6, 2010 at 5:10 AM #

    That looks good, Pizzazzie. A variation in the fold makes a difference.
    Btw, hope you don’t mind that I posted a link to you from my blog.

  2. angelmcc December 7, 2010 at 3:21 AM #

    I love this!


  1. ‘Round Again « ibumary - December 6, 2010

    […] and guarantee success.   Thanks, Lindsay!   The second blogger I’d like to flatter is Pizzazziefor reminding me about my wreath because I did want to post it here.  I’ve just finished […]

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