Brown paper is a gift in itself

1 Dec

I’m still under the weather.  Literally and figuratively.  I woke up sounding like Anne Bancroft swallowed a frog.  Except on the late Ms. Bancroft it would have been sexy.  On me, not so much.  Perhaps more frog on my end.  Plus, a tornado ripped through a neighborhood not too far from where I live.  Thank God everyone is ok that I know of but December is stressful enough with Christmas coming, Thanksgiving mess still needing to be cleaned up (I know how some of you are), and always it seems like there’s a ton of house fires because of lights and whatnots.  It’s the whatnots that always get you.  Now we have all that plus tornado and high winds to deal with.  But eh, it’s December.  I hope all those families are still able to pull together a Christmas and be thankful things weren’t worse.  We are so blessed.

So even being under the figurative weather today, sounding like the froggy Bancroft and sleeping til nearly noon I finally got a fire under my butt and decided to wrap some gifts.  The kids came up to check on me in my room last night and I just knew it was a matter of time before they found the boxes from  (Another little trick of mine to pull off the best gifts without getting out of my jammies.)  I order everything I can from Amazon, try to get as much free shipping as I can then have it sent to my office because if it’s sent to my house it will sit out there for all the world to see and probably take.  I’m talking about you Derrick.  Stay out of my garage!

Anyway, I went upstairs to wrap some gifts and lo and behold, after pulling out all of my wrapping paper, digging to find tape and scissors I find this…

A whole rainforest of brown packing paper in one of the Amazon boxes.  So what did I do, being the frugal/cheap and also old-fashioned woman that I am I took the paper out of the box and put it ON the boxes.

It looks like old-fashioned packaging and even the wrinkles and crinkles give it character.   You can even write directly on the paper so no need for those crazy gift tags that require the teensiest precision handwriting.  I may even get some twine and wrap around the boxes with that.  You can see in the background I already wrapped one gift before I came upon the brown bag idea.  I actually sat and thought about re-wrapping that one to match all the others but I didn’t.  After two days of total inactivity I think I over did it in my gift wrap gusto. 

Oh, you may be wondering what I did with the boxes that came from Amazon that the kids were eyeballing last night.  Well, I did what any good parent would do and re-taped them and put them back in the same places they were last night so if the kids see them again it will drive them nuts.  That’s just the kind of parent I am.  I tell my husband all the time, what fun is having kids if you can’t torture them a little.   Hopefully they are still grounded from the internet so they can’t accidentally find my blog.  You would be amazed what happens around here “on accident.”

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, yesterday I said I’d post pics of what I worked on this weekend.  Well, I think my daughter’s shirt may be in the washing machine but this is the case I made for my husband’s glasses.  I may make some more for the office folk since we all have spare readers in our desk now even though none of us are willing to admit it.  Hopefully they aren’t reading my blog right now either or that wont be a surprise.  I guess I could just not post that but you know, I’m too excited.  I’m posting it.  Plus, I’m the only one reading my blog anyway. 

And with that, I’m hitting the NyQuil and going back to bed.


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