Happy Late Thanksgiving

30 Nov

Hooray, set up my blog, set up my etsy, set up in the bed with a cold.

Let me back up a few days. Thanksgiving was a nice break for us. We decided it was a hassle we didn’t want to deal with as we had in years past by breaking our necks cleaning, cooking, having people over, washing dishes, cleaning again all to have about 30 minutes worth of real rest to spend time with our families in time to head back into the real world. So we went to a Brazilian steakhouse. If you are a serious carnivore like I am, you should try Picanha Brazilian Buffet. They have seven different kinds of meat slow roasting over an open flame and it is heaven in your mouth. The things they can do with a cow!!!

Anyway back to the story. During the break I got in a creative mood and worked on a few things. I will post a few pics when I get over the crud and can get out of bed without feeling like the room is about to go into orbit. All day today I have wanted to work on stuff but I can’t stay focused. I’m just pooped. You know how that feels right? Everybody gets pooped now and then.

So I guess I will go back to watching Real Housewives of whatever state it’s in now. I can’t move anyway, the cat is using my gut as a pillow and as much as I want to be the higher species on the food chain, he’s just too cute to wake up.

Stay warm, stay dry and if you’re in the metro area….stay home. I have been watching the weather and parts of the interstate are flooded. And remember, wash your hands!!!


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